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See what the press are saying about the sharing economy, a return to trust and the social benefits of the booming holiday let market.

First the spare room, then the world

There's been four million guests who have stayed with private renters and three million have been in the last year alone. 300,000 homes being shared worldwide in 192 countries - virtually every country on the planet. The cool part is there is someone waiting for you, right now, in a home, all over the world... Read full article

Welcome to the sharing economy

[The] real innovation is not online rentals. It’s “trust.” It created a framework of trust that has made tens of thousands of people comfortable renting rooms in their homes to strangers... Read full article

The social benefits of renting a room

What I am struck by in meeting this procession of visitors is how friendly, quiet and respectable they are. Almost without exception the people who have come into our house have been a pleasure to welcome.... Read full article

How Airbnb saved my life

For some renters, short term rental has proven a way to fight off foreclosure, ride out unemployment, and even pay for life-saving medical procedures. Here are 10 of the most dramatic stories you’ll ever read... Read full article

How to turn your home into an 'unhotel'

Thousands of Britons are making their holiday pay for itself by inviting strangers into their homes while they are out of town. Growing numbers are casting their reservations aside and hiring out their homes to travellers who are tired of soulless hotels... Read full article

Government poised to embrance 'Sharing Economy'

The Government is to launch a major new initiative designed to place the UK at the centre of the global £9bn “sharing economy”. As part of its focus on building a nation of entrepreneurs... Read full article