Q. How do I know how much I will be paid for each stay?

A. We will base the nightly rate of your property on our knowledge of the market and of holiday seasons. We'll then agree with you an appropriate package. You'll receive a full breakdown of the costs associated for each stay which shows exactly how much you earn per visit.


Q. How can I be sure of security?

A. We minimise the risks for you by providing telephone interviews of each guest and by verifying their identities on social media sites. We'll also never advertise the exact location of your property or reveal your own identity. Keeping your information and personal details safe and secure.


Q. Sounds great, what do I need to do to get started?

A. All you need to do is contact us via our online submission form and let us know when a good time is for us to call. We can talk you through all the details and arrange a time to visit the property for an initial assessment. 


Q. What happens if a guest breaks something?

A. We agree a suitable security deposit amount with you and collect this from your guests before handing over the keys. We also provide an inventory check on departure. If anything is broken, we will hold back the necessary amount from the deposit. If the deposit does not cover the damage we'll negotiate on your behalf to receive the additional sums from your guest. We provide a free support service for the recovery of funds.. Thankfully, this has never needed to be used as we vet all the people who stay in your property! 


Q. Am I protected by insurance?

A. Yes, we cover the costs of physical damage to the property but this is limited and with a number of exclusions. It does not cover theft of jewellery, damage to artworks or other such valuables. It would be recommended that any valuables are removed or placed in a secure safety box (or we can arrange this for you). We are happy to recommend insurance providers for those seeking an extra level of protection.


Q. How will you know when my home is available to let?

A. You will need to let us know the dates that your property is available. You can contact us by email or telephone. We will then update your calendars on all the relevant websites.


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