Q. How do I get the keys to the apartment?

A. Close to your arrival date, we usually send the name and contact details of the person from our team who will meet you at the apartment on your arrival to give you the keys and a tour of the apartment.


Q. What happens if I do not get to the apartment on time to get the keys?

A. Once you find out that you will be delayed, call or send a message to the person who will be meeting you at the apartment to let them know. This is because you can know right away about how to get the keys and if there is potential of meeting the person en route to the apartment.


We usually try our best to wait for you but our team members often have other commitments and if we do not hear from you an hour after your scheduled check-in time, we might need to ask you to come collect the keys at our offices in Covent Garden.


Q. Where can I find the directions to the apartment?

A. The directions to the apartment are in the Directions section of the listing details under “Location”. For further clarification, do not hesitate to ask. 


Q. Is it possible to arrange transport for me from the airport?

A. Yes it is. We partner with a great taxi company that offers transfers to and from the airport. Just ask for a quote and we will take care of the logistics from there. It’s often cheaper than public transport for a group and definitely the easiest way to travel to and from the apartment.


Q. Where can I leave my luggage if I want to tour before checking in?

A. You can store your luggage at all major train stations, coach stations, all airports and the Natural History Museum. They have left luggage facilities. You can choose to pay upon arrival or pay online in advance in order to save time. For each luggage location, the hours vary. However, most are opened between 7am-11pm. Please refer to www.left-baggage.co.uk for more information.


Q. Can I check-in at any time of the day or night?

A. Yes you can but note that we charge a £25 fee for arrivals past 9.30pm and £10 an hour after this time. So we will charge £35 for 10.30pm, £45 for 11.30pm, £55 for 12.30am and so on.


Q. What should I do once I arrive at the apartment for check-in?

A. Ring the doorbell or call the person who will be meeting you at the apartment to let them know that you have arrived.


Q. What is provided in the apartment?

A. The apartment comes with bed linen, a hairdryer, an iron, hangers, a washing machine and heating. We provide two towels per guest - one hand towel and one body towel but we suggest you bring extra if you would like more.

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